Woke Goody Two Shoes crowd targets conservative media outlets

by Joe Holman
Woke Goody Two Shoes crowd targets conservative media outlets

They are coming at us once again. Who? The Goody Two Shoes crowd that claims to have no political interests whatsoever.

They are the Goody-Goodies who would patrol the political precincts to keep us all free of any taint of politics. They are the ones who are avid for keeping money out of politics. They favor term limits. On and on, they go with ever more reforms—read ever more regulations. My guess is that someday, they will be leading the mob in their opposition to the electoral process. They might choose the Supreme Court to pick the president. Many years ago, when Hunter Biden was a dewy-haired youth, and his head was full of idealistic blah, he probably voted with the Goody-Goodies. So did his Dad.

As I say, the Goody Two Shoes are active again. They have two front groups that represent them. The World Federation of Advertisers and its subsidiary, the Global Alliance for Responsible Media. Both groups eschew politics, or so they say, and work sedulously to rid Washington of its imperfections. Their targets nowadays are conservative media outlets and their soldiers in the field. That would be people at these news outlets that you hold in your hands. An informative piece published last week in the Washington Good Times listed a few of the offending outlets.

They included Newsmax, the New York Post, RealClearPolitics, the Daily Wire, the Blaze, The American Spectator, Reason, and the Federalist. I would list several other news outlets, but let us not quibble. All things considered, the Woke Folk at the Goody-Goody Camorra have prepared for us a useful reading list, though I would not overlook the Washington Good Times and the always reliable Wall Street Journal. But what are the Goody-Goodyies doing? Well, they are very open about it. They want to close down the aforementioned news outlets and get us to read the “least risky sites,” which would be NPR, the HuffPost, and something called Insider.

The Goody-Goodies have never accepted the rise of, say, the New York Post the Wall Street Journal or any of the “risky sites” mentioned above. Most of these news outlets have been around for decades, usually in their new garb as conservatives owned by Rupert Murdoch. The Goody-Goody crowd never acknowledged these conservatives. Now it is apparent that the conservatives are going to be around for years, and so the Goody-Goodies have taken a new tack. Rather than ignore the conservatives they will drive them out of business. They will join with the Woke Folk at the Giant Corporations and deny the conservatives advertising revenue. Will it work? I have my doubts.

The free market is still in effect, and it takes note of how Americans are spending their money. Note what has happened to Anheuser-Busch’s stock since it made a leap for Bud Light. Or a conglomerate called Target that fell for LGBTQ marketing. Even Walmart was not immune to the entrancements of the Goody-Goody crowd.

I am still waiting for the results of the boycott that I slapped on all of Gillette’s toiletries, even their popular deodorants. Some popinjay in the leadership at the Gillette shaving company took it upon himself to lecture the American male on “toxic masculinity,” and it offended millions of healthy red-blooded Americans. Doubtless, they joined with me in turning their backs on the Gillette shaver. Possibly, they even turned their backs on Gillette’s once-popular Right Guard deodorant. However, I am still waiting for Gillette’s stock to take a tumble. Perhaps Gillette customers remain in the dark about my boycott, or maybe they find the deodorant irresistible.

Fundamentally, the problem with the Goody Two Shoes crowd is that they do not trust the two-party system. Actually, they do not trust any system that allows for disagreement. They think that they have all the answers. There was a day when the Goody Two Shoes crowd would be more comfortable in the Soviet Union, but now the Soviet Union is no more. All that is left for these Goody-Goodies is North Korea, but my guess is that they would not enjoy the food, even the dessert.

Glory to Ukraine!

• R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator. He is a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and the author most recently of The Death of Liberalism, published by Thomas Nelson, Inc. His memoirs, How Do We Get Out of Here: Half a Century of Laughter and Mayhem at The American Spectator—From Bobby Kennedy to Donald J. Trump, will be published by Post Hill Press in September and can be ordered online now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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