Regenerative Eating: Reviving Your Relationship with Raw!

2 Replies to “Regenerative Eating: Reviving Your Relationship with Raw!”

  1. Joe, I would love to eat more fruit, but I am afraid of sugar. Sources I find say the body sees all sugar the same and spike insulin. What are you basing your statements about fruit sugars bypassing insulin response and going directly to the cells? I subscribed to your coaching 3-4 years ago.

    1. Hey there,

      I certainly remember you. No need to worry about any fruit sugar. It’s not the same. And that fructose is absorbed directly into a cell is not even disputed. That’s why you don’t feel full after drinking juices or smoothies if fat is not added to them. Keep in mind, this was a hospital lecture where my ideal OMAD could not be the focus. But going half-raw on a normal basis really doesn’t hurt.

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