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Why Bottled Water is a Good Investment

4283526069?profile=RESIZE_710xLately, bottled water purchases have been through the roof. This is due mainly to fear and prepping. But all of that aside, bottled water is a great idea for anyone who is even halfway health conscious. Empowering yourself with good habits is one of the bulwarks to success. By setting a pattern for yourself that will enable you to more easily stick with a healthy habit, you succeed. I find that I regularly drink more water by having that water available in a disposable bottle, even if at home and hanging out around the house, doing nothing. Having more water available and keeping it around is, therefore, a good idea, and one that costs little. But it's even worth stopping at your local gas station or Dollar Tree and picking one up just on the fly. It can enhance your outlook and routine on a given day. 

Having fasted for extended periods of time, I have come to appreciate that there is something satisfying about holding the bottle, maybe playing with the lid, and having that subtle mental reminder that I am getting water in place of calorie-containing food. It's an oddly satisfying feedback loop that I consider a possible success lever. And now that we're way past all of those "who would be stupid enough to buy bottled water?" jokes from the 90s, we can enjoy them without any stigma whatsoever!  

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