4238543563?profile=RESIZE_710xYes, this deadly virus we have dubbed COVID-19 has a divine purpose. The Divine has a purpose for absolutely everything--and indeed, even for Corona. It may be hard to come to terms with, but the Divine has just as much a purpose for Corona as it does for you. The same goes for cancer and all deadly pathogens and diseases. That purpose is akin to the purposes of the lower animals, as bugs eat away at and thereby regulate each others' numbers.

It's almost non-intuitive, but when we look at nature, we find that the Divine's real "demolition men" are the super-small creatures, like viruses and bacteria. Indeed, for the first 3.5 billion years of life on earth, bacterial life was the "only game in town." We are "johnny-come-lately" in terms of our lot on this real estate we call earth.

What's the bright side of this and how does it help us? The Divine's "little helpers" like Corona are mightily effective at wiping out whole swaths of populations and "trimming the trees" of life. We've all lost loved ones to cancer and various horrible diseases. But the reality is that they are not horrible at all--they are inevitable and just as much a part of what must be as you. What they are doing for us is making us stronger, removing the weak and the sick, and paving the way for future generations, leaving us with a "clean slate," if you will. However undesirable this might seem now, it is true.

Our future descendants will, because of Corona, be much more prepared for an even more devastating pandemic to come in future years. We love to think of ourselves as "masters of the creation," but in reality, we are mere stewards setting up the tables, hosting get-togethers, and washing the dishes afterwards. The big plans (there are no plans) are already in progress and the blueprints (there are no blueprints) are already laid down--at least that's what we make ourselves believe. There is nothing to believe, and that is what scares us so much.

But there is no need to be scared because the same force that makes viruses so deadly has made us so diligent and adaptable and smart to be able to stop biological onslaughts like these (alert: Good news!). We are the universe's eyes. Through conscious and self-aware beings the Divine views the cosmos. Viruses can't do that! And we will be around for quite a while! 

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