6 Kid-Friendly Mineral Sunscreens You Can Get At Walmart

6 Kid-Friendly Mineral Sunscreens You Can Get At Walmart

When it comes to selecting sunscreens for your kids, you often have to make a choice between chemical and mineral formulas.

There are a variety of reasons you may want to steer clear of a chemical variety (which protects your complexion using chemicals that absorb UV light and then release it from the skin) and instead choose a mineral sunscreen that harnesses ingredients like zinc and titanium to physically block harmful rays from being absorbed.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brendan Camp previously told HuffPost that mineral sunscreens are a great option “for those with concerns about the absorption of chemical sunscreen ingredients into the body” — something you may consider as you search for child-friendly sun protection.

Luckily, Walmart’s mineral-based sun blockers are plentiful. Browse a selection below, then pick your fave for a safer summer in the sun.

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