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Why Bottled Water is a Good Investment

4283526069?profile=RESIZE_710x Lately, bottled water purchases have been through the roof. This is due mainly to fear and prepping. But all of that aside, bottled water is a great idea for anyone who is even halfway health conscious. Empowering yourself with good habits is one of the bulwarks to success. By setting a pattern for yourself that will enable you to more easily stick with a healthy habit, you succeed. I find that I regularly drink more water by having that water available in a disposable bottle, even if at home and hanging out around the house, doing nothing. Having more water available and keeping it around is, therefore, a good idea, and one that costs little. But it's even worth stopping at your local gas station or Dollar Tree and picking one up just on the fly. It can enhance your outlook and routine on a given day. 

Having fasted for extended periods of time, I have come to…

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When I Used to Drink Beer

I once put down 11 Lonestar beers before tripping over a towel on the bathroom floor, nearly taking out my teeth on the sink in the process. And then, after doing my business, I collapsed onto the bed for an afternoon. This was in 2011 when my fridge would sometimes open with the clanking of a few beer bottles. My favorites were Shiner Boch, Heineken, and Budweiser. At the most, I would drink a beer or two nightly, followed by a not-so-good binge about once a month. 

I look around the world and see and hear so much about how alcohol ruins lives. I see and hear about AA meetings (Alcoholics Anonymous) and hear the sad ex-drunk babble that betrays the limited belief of some that if they struggle with alcohol addiction, then so does everyone else. Amazingly, I was never an alcoholic. It just wasn't a temptation for me. In fact, for much of my life, I was more impressed with the idea of staying in my sober, put-together mind as opposed to getting "shit-faced" like some loser in…

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